People of All Faiths are Welcome


 Coaching is not the same as counseling.  Because coaching is not therapy, it is not regulated in the same way the same manner as mental health services.  Coaching is supportive and educational rather than therapeutic. Demi offers coaching to both families and individuals throughout the United States and it is particularly helpful to persons outside of the Northern Colorado area. 

Types of Coaching Services Available:

  • Parenting Coaching - for parents of traumatized children to help them heal their children's wounds using relationship based parenting. 
  • Life Coaching - for people who are not looking for therapy or healing, but rather guidance and support .  A life coach might be used when you want to change your direction in life, embark on a new career, change your lifestyle to better reflect your values, search for a mate, adopt a child, write a book, start a ministry or begin working in one, develop a talent, grow spiritually, discover and utilize your gifts, or better understand your relationship with God.  The possibilities are endless - the primary emphasis is on growth - as an individual, as a spiritual being, as a child of God. Coaching is available in 15 minute segments for $30 a segment and may be prepaid by check or credit card.