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marriage counseling & couples therapy


 A marriage is like a building that is constructed on two columns.  That structure is only as strong and stable as the columns that hold it. Demi has been helping people with their marriages for over 20 years.  Her approach is compassionate and balanced.  She recognizes that there are two sides to every story and that both partners will feel justified in their feelings. Many times previous relationship experiences or even events from childhood are also influencing the marriage, often at an unconscious level.  Demi's goal is to help you meet your goals.  If you truly want your marriage to work and your partner does as well, success is very likely.  However, if one or both partners are not wanting to save the marriage, that dynamic will come out with Demi's approach.

Demi endeavors to create an atmosphere where both partners can speak the truth as they understand it in a caring and calm environment.  Almost always, Demi will meet with each partner individually as well as as a couple,  so that each partner can be sure he or she is being heard equally. She will help you to realistically evaluate the pros and cons of staying in or leaving a relationship.  Spiritual values and principles will be addressed and Demi feels that each person making a decision about their marriage must make his or her peace with God about that decision.  A decision made from a position of peace and love tends to be the best decision.  

Generally, Demi does not conduct Marriage counseling by phone.  Also, while most health insurances do not cover marriage counseling, many persons are suffering from anxiety and/or depression due to marital issues, and insurance will often cover that diagnosis.  Also, most EAP (Employee Assistance Programs) plans will cover for marriage counseling.